Indian Agencies Trapped Muslims in Crime Cases: Sushilkumar

New Delhi: Indian Interior Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has written letters to the Indian district’s minister and governor to remain aloof from trapping the young Muslims in criminal cases. This confirms the cruelty done with the Indian based Muslims.
According to the Indian media, the central government has had been receiving complains of allegedly trapping the innocent Muslims in false criminal cases by the police and various law enforcing institutions. After which the interior minister, wrote the letters to the governors of the district, high officials to restrict themselves from acting against the law.
Sushil Kumar Shinde in the letter has said that through the cruel attitude by the police forces and the relevant law enforcement institutions, ill feeling among the Muslims has risen. It has given rise to the belief that they are being targeted for being Muslims and in minority. It is also because of this reason that they are not given their due rights.
He said that the government is strict about its policy against the terrorist activities but no innocent would be held punished. He further directed the district governing officials and bodies to form special courts that can resolve the cases of the held captives in the lock ups.


Through the case proceedings, the innocents should be set free. Mr. Shinde also directed for strict actions to be taken against the police forces and officials involved in illegal works.