Doomed…Random Thoughts

The rulers are again engaged in their usual plots and intrigues and have published the names of past senior bureaucrats and judges to whom two expensive plots of land were given in more or less the same way as the kings of old used to dole out favours. It was sorrowful to learn that some honourable judges felt no scruples in accepting this favour. Now, since the noose is tightening around the necks of the corrupt, unscrupulous rulers, they are stooping to dirty tactics. They have now dubbed the acceptance of plots as falling under the NRO. The ongoing contempt of court and dual nationality cases have made them plan to make amendments to the Constitution to allow those with dual nationality to hold public office and to exempt the corrupt rulers from all cases of contempt of court. They want to be able to disobey court orders and ridicule the judges and the courts with impunity and be hailed as heroes.
This would enable them to thrust upon us foreign nationals (like Moin Qureshi, Shaukat Aziz, Rehman Malik) to determine our destiny. An impression is being created that these foreign nationality holders bring in huge amounts of foreign exchange. However, records show that they don’t bring in any money, they take it out. These so-called benefactors of Pakistan come with a small briefcase and leave as billionaires. Foreign currency brought into the country by them, if any at all, is a mere fraction of what is remitted by butchers, carpenters, masons and ordinary labourers. Giving dual nationality holders the right to vote is fair enough, but I strongly object to them being allowed administrative and/or financial authority and to be made privy to national confidential matters through the positions they hold. They should at most be made consultants. Their oaths to their present countries of nationality will bind them to disclose everything they know, if asked to do so.
Now back to the matter of two plots being given to influential people. It was definitely morally incorrect to dole out or accept such largesse. So repugnant is this to me that I never asked for, or accepted, a single square yard of land. This despite the fact that I gave up a bright future in Europe, gave the country $2 billion’s worth of free technology and turned Pakistan into a nuclear and missile power. The house we possess and are living in is built on a plot bought for Rs150,000 in the open market. I never asked for, or received, a higher salary than any of my colleagues. I sincerely believe that I have served my country in a much better way than others.
After Yousuf Raza Gilani’s departure in disgrace, the rulers seem hell-bent upon restricting the constitutional powers of the judiciary. As a matter of fact, never before in the history of Pakistan have we had such corrupt, inept, cunning rulers. The leader of this particular caravan has left the famous Chanakya caravan miles behind in the art of manipulation and cunning. The honourable judges need to be extra watchful, so as not to fall prey to the intrigues of the rulers.
It is part of human nature to blame others for one’s own despicable habits, rather than trying for self-improvement. A drunkard or drug addict will try to ensnare others into the habit so that he is not alone. The PPP is following a similar tack. It has reached rock bottom and there is no sign of the party’s emerging from it. It is making an all-out attempt to drag down all respected institutions, in particular the judiciary, which has proved to be a hurdle in nefarious designs.
If the recipients of two plots made a mistake in accepting, those who tried to bribe others by any means made a more grievous mistake and should be taken to task for misusing government authority. The point to ponder here is: why are these old, forgotten cases being reopened at a point when the PPP government, totally discredited and hated by the majority of the people, is on its way out? One can only conclude that the rulers are trying to create the impression that they are not the only corrupt ones, but that those who went before were of the same kind. The assertion made by the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee that the doling out and receiving of plots was also a kind of NRO is only meant to pressurise the judiciary to go soft on them or to totally forget about the beneficiaries of the Musharraf-Benazir NRO. Luckily for us and for the judiciary, the chief justice has not been part of the “plots” affairs. People like the present rulers have turned our country into a laughingstock in the comity of nations and their present policy will not gain them anything.
History has shown that when things go wrong, no number of hasty and panicky actions can avert disaster. We saw how the departure of the legendary Clive Lloyd led to the collapse of the West Indian Cricket Team, despite all tactical and team changes made. The same has happened in the cases of our own hockey, cricket and squash teams. Berlusconi, Sarkozi and Qaddafi all bitterly failed, despite all their efforts, when the chips were down. The same happened to the Germans and the Japanese during the Second World War. When things start going wrong, nothing could save them. The downfall of Benazir, Nawaz Sharif and Musharraf are all still fresh in our memories. However, the current rulers seem to be under the illusion that everyone is stupid and that the judiciary does not know the ABC of the Constitution and relevant laws. That is what is happening now. Slowly but surely their hearts are being sealed; their ears and eyes have already been sealed. Deaf dumb and blind they have become, but they will not understand.
The rubberstamp National Assembly has just passed two laws regarding contempt of court and dual nationality. Both are mala fide and meant only to protect the corrupt and incapable rulers. They had previously passed various resolutions to protect Prime Minister Gilani, who went around boasting that nobody could have him removed excepting the speaker of the National Assembly. However, when the hammer fell in the Supreme Court, he exited meekly like a drenched rat. Never before had I seen such a conscienceless person. I sincerely hope that when these laws are enacted, they will be challenged in the Supreme Court and that the honourable judges will strike them down as being repugnant to the very spirit of our Constitution and national interests. Having a two-thirds majority (through spineless stooges) does not give a carte blanche to the rulers to destroy the country or sell it out to foreign powers.